No one would deny the charm and fame that Hyun Bin’s achievement in the realm of entertainment. He began his career when an executive at a talent agent spotted his talented action when Hyun was passing by on his motorcycle in a high school. Soon after his first film in 2002, Shower, which was not successful due to financial problem, he finally made his premier acting in 2003 within the television series named Bodyguard wherein he was stage-named Hyun Bin. This debut was followed by some other fascinating roles that he made in the sitcom non stop 4 and a drama entitled Ireland. Soon after those two successful movies, Kim started to b omnipresent in the 2005 romantic comedy movie series named My Name is Kim Sam-soon in which he played his role with Kim Sun-ah. It was such a great success that his Sam-soon movie shad stricken massive popularity with the average ratings of more than thirty-seven percent and fifty point five percent as the finale. This success brought him the Top Excellence Award which he gained at the MBC Drama Awards. In addition to his fame in those movies, Kim also gained his popularity in 2010 with a secret garden. This was known as one of the most romantic fantasies regarding a fussy as well as an arrogant department store manager and a stunt woman. Still, in the same year, Kim gained his fame in 2012 SBS Drama Awards and in the 47thBaeksang Arts Awards in as much as his performance was regarded to be fabulous. These were all the only news that the public knew. There were, however, some other shocking rumors that were related to Hyun Bin.

What really shocked the entertainment world

Hyun Bin has been known as one of the top Korean actors. It was a little bit surprising that the famous artist had taken some plastic surgery. Hyun Bin, who is now at his thirties, is said to have some plastic surgery done on his jaw and nose. This surprising speculation popping on the internet had made public shocked when his appearance before the plastic surgery was compared to that after he had been rumored to take the surgery.  Some photos on the internet affirmed this issue, indeed. Hyun Bin photos, then and today, have been quite convincing in that they showed some alterations in his jaw. One, he had a larger jaw, and, surprisingly, today he has seemed to have a much slimmer jaw. Most people then went on searching his pictures showing the difference before and after he had taken the plastic surgery.

What had been said about it?

If you check the photos on the internet yourself, you will also realize some major difference in this Korean movie star. At first place, you will soon see that his jaw, as previously said, became smaller and slimmer than it was. There were also some reported alterations in his nose which fostered the other rumor about Hyun Bin’s plastic surgery. Rapidly, we are all enabled to show the difference ourselves and judge whether all those emerging rumors were true or fake. Nevertheless, the plastic surgery modification was not as significant as it was rumored. Some news said that all those changes were due to natural treatment that Hyun Bin constantly took. Those opposing stories somehow contradicted the rather surprising news about his plastic surgery issues. The issues regarding his jaw might have been inflated, including the one saying that his nose got smaller. After all, it is you who can judge all those rumors.

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